Meeting Erdut

From december 12 to 14 Erdut Municipality will host the second appointment of SOLIDA project. The meeting will be focused on volunteering and participation of immigrants in non-governmental organizations.

Croatian municipality will organize also a workshop to introduce EU instruments and policies aimed at fostering volunteering activities and a seminar with volunteer organizations actively working with migrants on Serbia-Croatia border.

Erdut meeting will mark time to the creation of the first European Network of Solidarity-based Towns.

Erdut programme

12 december
10:00 Round table with local organization and volunteers of Erdut Municipality
11:30 Visit of Scientific and cultural Centre of Milutin Milanković and place Dalj
16:30 Press conference
16:45 Welcome speech by Mayor of Erdut Municipality
17:00 Seminar with volunteer organizations and policy makers “The role of volunteer center Osijek in times of refugee crisis“
18.30 Meeting with local volunteers who helped refuges: Croatia/Serbia
20:00 Traditional evening

13 december
10:00 Visit of Marian sanctuary in Aljmaš, Erdut towel, Significant landscape Erdut, Erdut winery and degustation of Erdut wine in castle Adamović-Čeh
16:30 Presentation of project partners and their policy aimed volunteering activities at local level
17:45 Presentation of project partners and their policy aimed volunteering activities at local level

14 december
10.00 Evaluation, findings


The event involved 50 citizens, including 6 participants from the city of Gioiosa Ionica (Italy), 2 participants from the city of Birgu (Malta),1 participant from the city of Lousada (Portugal),2 participants from Novo Mesto (Slovenia), 2 participants from Santa Pola (Spain), 2 participants from Neapoli-Sykies (Greece).

The event took place in Erdut (Croatia) from 12/12/2017 to 14/12/2017

The aim of the event was to improve the knowledge and to exchange best practices related to volunteering activities among immigrants. The hosting municipalities organized several workshops and roundtables with local associations and volunteers who worked during the refugee’s crisis in Croatia. The local associations presented their projects and the participants discussed on methods which could be used to involve immigrants in volunteering organizations and thus improve their social and civic participation within local communities.