Novo Mesto meeting

The event involved 50 citizens, including 7 participants from the city of Gioiosa Ionica (Italy), 2 participants from the city of Santa Pola (Spain),2 participants from the city of Erdut (Croatia),2 participants from Neapoly Sykies (Greece) 1 participant from Lousada (Portugal), 3 participants from Birgu (Malta).

The event took place in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) from 03/10/2018 to 5/10/2018

The aim of the event was to meet local and national stakeholders who are working on immigration policies in Slovenia and to discuss the enlargement of the network. The Municipality of Novo Mesto organized several working sessions and meetings to exchange views, best practices and stimulate the discussion among partners: meeting with Slovenian Migration Institute, Peace Institute, Employment Service in Slovenia, Red Cross Slovenia, Government Office for the Support and Integration of Immigrants. The participants also got acquainted on integration policies into the school system and works of local associations and asylum homes in Slovenia.