About us

The objective of SOLIDA project is to support local administrations to develop new practice, polices and tools to allow immigrants to become active citizens and to establish the first European Network of Solidarity-based Towns (based on successful Re.Co.Sol. experience in Italy) which will represent a place where the municipalities will get inspiration for new solidarity-based activities and get support in improvement of local integration polices.

In order to improve immigrants’ democratic participation, the partnership has identified 7 fundamental topics which must be transformed into concrete local policies. Each international event will be dedicated to one topic to be investigated and analyzed by participants: EU Instruments, Introductory programmes, Voting and Political Rights, Consultative bodies, Volunteering, Raise Awareness of local population and Networking.

Each event has been structured as a “point of convergence” between EU and local levels: Presentation of EU frameworks, analyses or discussion on local impacts and experiences and technical meeting aimed at importing good practices in form of tangible new policy instruments.

The project activities are meant to produce 9 concrete outputs which will be used also after the conclusion of the project: 8 new local policy instruments (1 per partner) to improve immigrants’ democratic participation and 1 permanent transnational network.