Birgu Local Council is responsible for administration of social, political and cultural life of the Town of Birgu. The council is investing a lot of resources to make the local community an inclusive place where all people are completely integrated. The number of immigrants is increasing every year and the council is developing new programmes to provide social security, medical assistance and intercultural dialogue. Recently the council implemented two important projects aimed at straightening the integration of young immigrants by involving them directly in several social and cultural activities. The Council works hard to motivate its inhabitants to be responsible and take an active part in the city’s heritage and culture. In the last years, several activities have been performed in which the citizens played a key role in administration and decision-making process. The goal of local administration is to involve also the immigrants to be a part of this administrative approach.

The council will organize an international event which will be focused on voting and political rights of immigrants. Its role will be to organize an international seminar where the best practices (from all EU) of local rights and voting procedures will be presented and discussed. Besides international participants, Birgu Local Council will involve in the seminar also policy makers from other municipalities. In addition, it will organize a meeting with political parties’ representatives from Malta to exchange opinions on local voting rights for immigrants. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from Local Council, local operators, local organizations working with immigrants, policy makers and immigrants.

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