The Municipality of Erdut is located on the border with Serbia and it is an extremely multicultural area. Even it has only 7000 inhabitants, the municipality in investing a lot of recourses in promotion of active citizenship and social inclusion. In fact, in the municipal area there is a significant number of civil society organizations and the citizens are actively participating in local democratic processes at various levels. Today, Erdut is a very good example of mutual understanding and coexistence between different ethnics groups. Erdut does not have a tradition of hosting town and the immigration is only a recent phenomenon, especially during the Balkan refugee route. For this reason, there is a risk that a local population get prejudiced against people coming from third countries. The Municipality believe that a role of a local administration is to work on mutual understanding and active integration of all people that live in the local community.

The Municipality will organize the 2nd project meeting, which will be focused on volunteering and participation of immigrants in non-governmental organizations. It will organize a workshop to introduce EU instruments and policies aimed at fostering volunteering activities and a seminar with volunteer organizations. It will also organize a meeting with volunteering organizations actively working with migrants on Serbia/Croatia border. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from the Municipality, local associations, operators and immigrants.

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