The Municipality of Lousada directs many of its actions to achieve sustainable development and social inclusion of all citizens. It is promoting intercultural programmes and intercultural working methodologies in educational fields. In the last years, its local projects are focusing on educational and trainings challenges of immigrants and other vulnerable groups. It develops action projects, particularly in the areas of combating poverty and social exclusion in cooperation with charities, NGO’s, foundations and other institutions, or in partnership with central government. It attends the citizens, proceeding to the study of the problems presented, with a view to identifying and driving adequate responses. It ensures systematic and regular monitoring to families and individuals in situation of need or risk within the contracted integration programs.

The meeting organized by the municipality of Lousada will be focused on introductory programmes and policies. Considering its expertise in educational and training policies, the Municipality will organize a seminar with policy makers and EU experts to present main EU instruments and tools related to introductory programmes. It will involve in the event in Lousada also the Portuguese National Immigrants Centres, one of the best examples when it comes to democratic participation of immigrants. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from the Municipality, local associations, operators and immigrants.

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