The Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies is managing several services aimed at social and cultural integration of immigrants. All activities and policies are implemented in partnership with a wide network of associations and private and public bodies. The Municipal structure for immigrants is supported by the Hellenic Council for Refugees and Immigrants, Local Immigration Integration Council, Directorate for Social Policy and Common Benefits Enterprise of Services. In addition, the Municipality is implementing an important UNHCR project in collaboration with main Greek local administrations, regions and NGOs to integrate asylum seekers into local communities. In the last years, the Directorate for Social Policy developed important local programmes to improve civic skills of immigrants and to support entrepreneurship among immigrants, especially youngers and woman. The municipality is working with schools to promote intercultural dialogue.

The municipality will organize an international event which will be focused on raise awareness methodologies and strategies to explain to local citizens the benefits deriving from immigrants’ democratic participation. It will organize a workshop between policy makers, one seminar with EU experts from Greece and an open discussion with local citizens. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from municipality, Local Immigrants Integration Council, non-profit organizations working with immigrants and also people from other municipalities who are working on UNHCR project. The Municipality will be supported in the involvement of immigrants also through Greek Council of Immigrants that we be informed of all project’s results.

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