Novo Mesto

The Municipality of Novo Mesto is actively working to strengthen the voluntary work, intercultural competences and citizen’s participation in all spheres of cultural, social and political local life. The Municipality funds programmes for implement the activities that enable children to acquire new knowledge and skills, positive experiences, maintain and expand social networks and spend quality free time. Novo Mesto also funds projects and programmes of other ethnical communities which include immigrants, such as learning Slovenian language for Albanian women. In addition, it implements various target group oriented activities: learning of the Slovenian language as a second language and programmes for acquiring key competences for young immigrants.

The Municipality will organize an international event in Novo Mesto. The event will be focused on networking of partners and analysis of the state of art of policies and strategies to be implemented once the project will be concluded. As local participants, the municipality will invite several important stakeholders from entire country. It will also involve the Slovenian Institute for Migration Research, Ministry of Education and national NGOs which implement programmes of integration of immigrants and refugees. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from the Municipality, Center for Social Work Novo Mesto, and Associations for Developing of Voluntary Work Novo Mesto and local immigrants.

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