RE.CO.SOL is an association, founded in 2003, composed by 284 Italian municipalities that decided to put in the first place the solidarity and social inclusion as main principles and values on which base the entire modes of administration and implementation of their local polices. All the municipalities that joined the network expressed a strong political commitment to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable citizens, to support social inclusion and to host and help immigrants, refuges, asylum seekers, victims of natural disasters, without any form of preclusion. The network, in close cooperation with its members, is implementing a huge number of activities aimed at promoting and integrating immigrants within local communities. In particular, in Calabria Region it is managing SPRAR projects (initiatives funded by Italian Governments to help the integration of new immigrants by providing trainings in different fields).

The role of RE.CO.SOL will be transversal to all international events as its main task will be to support the partnership in development of a new European network. It will participate in all project meetings by sending several representatives from members’ municipalities. It will support the partnership in exchanging of good practices and procedures, also by allowing the connections with experts from 284 municipalities that composed the RE.COSOL network and affiliated organizations. It will be responsible for communication activities and its role will be crucial in proper dissemination of project’s results. It will assist the Lead Partner in organization of final conferences and in establishment of the Network.