Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a coastal town located in Valencian Community. Being a touristic town, Santa Pola is attracting a big number of immigrants seeking for better job opportunities. The fisheries sectors in Santa Pola is also very important in terms of employments of immigrants. Considering that the number of immigrants increased significantly in the last years, the Municipality decided to launch a series of activities for better integration and participation of immigrants who decided to work and live in Santa Pola. The first step was the establishment of local counsels through which administrate main issues related to integration of immigrants. In 2016, the municipality programmed a local strategy to create a number of services for better integration of immigrants: trainings, participation in consultative bodies and forums, support to establish local networks.

The Municipality will organize the fourth project meeting, which will be focused on participation of immigrants in consultative forums and bodies. It will organize a seminar to present good examples of consultative bodies at national and local levels and a meeting with members of Spanish immigrants’ consultative forums. The Municipality will host more international participants than in other meetings as it is planned to organize an important technical meeting with several policy makers and members of consultative bodies to discuss how to improve their roles at local levels. It will set up an internal working group composed by representatives from the Municipality, local associations, immigrants, operators.

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